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Ian Brooke

Oops!  Sorry, I mis-typed the list, there is not one missing I just accidentally numbered the last one 10 instead of 9.

Thanks for letting me.

On 22/11/2020 8:57 a.m., Ian Brooke wrote:
The next version of WinBMD will become available for download with the next database update which is scheduled to start 15th December. The current version on FreeBMD is 9.10.1, this new release will be 9.11

This version has a number of changes listed below but especially important are #1 and #7.

#1 is a serious problem but only happened if there was a crash while you had a field containing a comma, these were uncommon and so didn't affect many people.

#7 is the problem where an upload fails with an "unknown error". A lot of investigation has been going on into the error both in WinBMD and at the FreeBMD server but no specific cause can be found, the conclusion is that these are likely caused by (usually temporary) internet outages, often very short-lived.  The new message that appears simply asks users to wait a short period of time and try to browse to FreeBMD, if it works try the upload again, if it keeps failing even when you can browse to FreeBMD then send me the logging file.  Note also #10, there is now only the file WinBMD_Logging, the Uploadlog has been removed.

Note also #8. Previous versions were a bit sketchy because sequence checking only happened when leaving the Surname box and so the warning that appears in the status bar could happen when you are on a different row and was confusing.  It now checks sequence both on leaving and entering the surname, it also colours the out of sequence yellow (like the message in the status bar) so it is easier to see.  Please remember that sequence errors are common, if you have typed what's on the scan then you can always ignore the message and the colouring.

Changes in version 9.11
1.    Fixed bug where it fails restoring a workfile which contains fields (especially Districts) which contain a comma.
2.    Multiple changes to improve the shut-down routine.
3.    Changed the Open routine so it can read a file terminated by LF rather than just CRLF
4.    Changed many boxes on the header form so they all behave the same in selecting all their contents
5.    Fixed a minor problem where the grid would change position when the form was minimised then restored
6.    Changed grid column 0 so that it starts wider and no longer changes width.
7.    Changed messages when upload errors happen which are possibly due to temporary internet outages.
8.    Changed sequence checking so it happens when leaving a cell on the input grid and checks both the cell being left and the one being entered (when moving to a different row).  It also now changes the grid surname background colour to yellow as well as showing it on the status bar along the screen bottom.  Only shows it on the status bar if the surname cell is not already yellow.
10.    Removed the 2nd log file, everything now goes into WinBMD_Logging, there is no Uploadlog.

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