WinBMD new version

Ian Brooke

A new version of WinBMD should be available for download following the database update coming in a few days time.  This version will be called 9.10

There are only 3 changes in this version but they are all important.  (1) it fixes a bug which prevented the ini file from being updated and so any setting changes were forgotten as were the current file details; (2) Line 2 of the transcribed file is terminated by the WinBMD version number that uploads it, this is now changed to be a full 3 element version number; (3) I think we have located the cause of the Error 91 crash that some people experienced.

#3 is very important, even though I think we have located the cause (thanks to Barrie) we have not located the cause of that. In other words Error 91 is being caused by another error in the upload but it's a mystery what that other error is.  This version of WinBMD should prevent Error 91 happening and has a lot of extra logging to try to locate the original error.  If during an upload WinBMD finds that Error 91 is going to happen, it will log the details and puts out a message asking you to send 2 files to myself, both of these files are in your WinBMD_Files folder.

If you get that message then it's important that you send me those two files before doing anything else.  The message starts "An error happened in the upload.".

Please send me those files before doing anything else with WinBMD, once you've done that the message suggests you can close WinBMD and wait an hour or so before trying the upload again.

I should stress that this error is very rare, it's likely only one or two people may get this but if you do then this version should be able close happily saving the file first without any loss.